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Glenwood Athletics

Ball-Chatham CUSD #5


Glenwood Athletics

Ball-Chatham CUSD #5

Glenwood Athletics

Ball-Chatham CUSD #5

Titan Strength



Titan Strength is the strength and conditioning program for athletes at Glenwood High School.  It is a combination of daily classes offered as a part of the GHS Physical Education curriculum and after school sessions and more.  Glenwood provides several classes throughout the daily schedule for all athletes in all grade levels. Workouts are primarily completed during the school day which allows athletes greater flexibility and makes the pursuit of multiple sport participation more likely. All Glenwood Athletes should take part in this program to ensure their best chance of success in the Glenwood Athletic Program. Titan Strength utilizes a web-based strength program to track and develop GHS athletes called PLT4M.  This provides our athletes with immediate feedback and new challenges in their workouts.  See below for classes offered, contact information and more.


Early Bird Athletic PE - Daily strength class for Grades 10-12.

Athletic PE - Daily strength classes for Grades 10-12.

Freshman Athletic PE - Daily strength classes for freshman athletes.

After-School Titan Strength - Strength sessions for off-season athletes in all grades.

Titan Power Camp - A spring camp conducted at Glenwood Middle School designed as orientation to Titan Strength for younger athletes in Grades 6-8.  


For information on how to ensure your athlete’s participation in Titan Strength contact the Glenwood High School Guidance Office at (217) 483-2424 ext. 7 or email your athlete’s Guidance Counselor - Find the counselor HERE!

If you have questions for one of your athlete’s coaches you can find their contact information HERE.

Registration for the Titan Power Camp can be found HERE.


Follow Titan Strength on Twitter to get updates

and follow our athletes progress!

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