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Glenwood Athletics

Ball-Chatham CUSD #5


Glenwood Athletics

Ball-Chatham CUSD #5

Glenwood Athletics

Ball-Chatham CUSD #5


Attention Titan Nation!

The Titan Mascot Committee (comprised of administrators, teachers, coaches and sponsors, students, and community members) is opening up a mascot/logo design competition to all who are passionate about the Titans and would like to see one unique and unifying logo across the District. The new mascot/logo will represent academic clubs and competitions, performing arts groups, and athletic teams.  Here are the details and design requirements:


  • Designs will be accepted January 8-22, 2019.

  • Submissions can be sent digitally to, or in person at the main office of any District school. Design files can also be submitted using the following link to a google form (must have a google account to submit using this form) - Logo Submission Form.

  • The committee plans to narrow the choices down to 3-5 options. These options will be presented to our entire community for feedback. The committee will use this feedback in determining what recommendation to make to the Ball-Chatham Board of Education. More on this to come!

  • Submissions become the property of the Ball-Chatham School District.  The District has the right to copyright and/or edit any submitted design for the use of branding purposes and all future materials in which the design may be used.

  • Design Guidelines

    • Must be predominantly red and white, but can use black and/or gray to add depth and detail to the imagery.

    • Must make efforts to be gender neutral.

    • Design must be original, not a copied/designed from another team or the Internet (although inspiration can be taken from such places).


  • When a new logo is adopted, does that mean that the school will spend extra money replacing uniforms and other existing items that have old images on them.
    • The uniform rotation will not change.  As teams uniforms are up for renewal, the new logo will be used.  Current uniforms that are not up for renewal will not be replaced using district funds.  If teams use camp/fundraising money to purchase alternative uniforms, that is acceptable, but district money will not be used for such uniforms.
    • Facilities will be upgraded as part of the regularly scheduled process.  For example, the GHS West Gym main floor has a "GT" logo on center court.  That logo will be changed only when the gym floor is scheduled to be sanded down and repainted.  If there are smaller, facilities upgrades that fit within the existing budget, then those will considered as needed.
  • Will this be the only logo used?
    • The purpose of this process is to creating a unifying logo that can be used by all.  With that understanding, we fully expect the design to have some flexibility.  For example, one design option that had previously been proposed had an image of a Titan holding a shield with a G in it.  That option would allow groups to use the complete image, just the G, the G with the shield, or just the head of the Titan.  A branding book will be created to use as the guidelines to ensure that groups stay within the district's desired designs, insuring continuity and unity.
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